Effective tips on rehearsing your speech

Speech Rehearsal tips for Maximum Effectiveness

Speech Rehearsal tips for Maximum Effectiveness So you have crafted the perfect content for your presentation, polished your visual aids if any, prepared for the questions and answers session; but still, you feel you are not ready? Every speaker suffers from public speaking anxiety in one form or another. Despite speaking for years in front […]

tips on making technical presentations

Five Powerful Tips on Technical Presentations

  Five Effective Tips on Technical Presentations which you should know Not many scientists and technical experts are good at presentation skills; as a result, there is a stereotype that technical speeches are very dry and boring. Whenever you imagine a technical talk, there are chances that you see a seemingly intelligent person with thick-rimmed […]

7 essentials of public speaking

7 Most Effective Public Speaking Tips for Leaders and Managers

Effective Public Speaking tips for Leaders and Managers for delivering impactful presentations and keynote speeches. You have a great business idea and an opportunity to make an important presentation in front of potential investors. Your company’s future depends on it. Your hands are shaking, knees are trembling, and you feel like running away from the […]

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